What’s All This, Then?

This blog is a place for me to unload, discuss, rant, proclaim, share, promote, and otherwise exchange news and ideas with fellow gamers and odd-bodies of various types. Unlike my former blogs, now archived in the sidebar over there, the focus of Shivers and Shudders is far broader and less nuanced. While you’ll find that most of the subject matter on this blog pertains to tabletop gaming and related topics such as film, literature, and geek culture, I reserve the right to discuss whatever pops across my fevered brain. In general, however, you’ll find the posts here concern:

Tabletop RPGs, game design, homebrew RPG material, announcements of professional RPG design work, movies, wargames, video games, painting miniatures, “genre” fiction including fantasy, science-fiction, and horror, folklore, real world strangeness, music, and humor.

If you’re a tabletop gamer, you might find something of interest to you here sooner or later. You’re welcome to visit whenever you like and check out the latest fare.

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