From Boltguns to Bolt Action

tanks-infantry-700As someone who has a vested interest in historical miniatures wargaming, I found this latest article over at the Warlord Games website to be a godsend. Many wargamers from my generation and later were lured into the hobby’s vile clutches through the fiendish manipulations of Games Workshop. While I’m not bashing anyone preferred form of miniature recreation, I do hope that younger wargamers look outside the product lines of GW and discover there’s plenty of other options out there–many of which can be enjoyed for far less than the usual arm-and-a-leg Games Workshop products tend to command.

Miniature wargaming isn’t exactly a booming hobby, so anything that help grow the base is a good measure by my reckoning. If you’re cool, you might even earn an invite to Hoffcon one day…

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