Autumnal Stirrings

mansionI received an email recently from my webhost reminding me that this site’s annual fees would soon be due. “Ah, that’s right,” I thought, “I have a blog I’ve neglected. I should do something about that.”

In honestly, I haven’t forgotten about Shivers and Shudders. I’ve merely been focused on other work and real life concerns over the past several months. I’ve intended to get my groove back, but projects keep piling up, health issues develop (it’s as if middle age landed with a belly flop right atop me in 2019), and constantly shifting interests all undermine my plans. Since I’ve always intended to utilize this space as a place for my ramblings without a set schedule, I’m not too sorry for this, but I do want to make more out of it.

Tomorrow is October 1st, which is a favorite month of mine, that chronological antipode to the cruelest month according to Eliot. It’s not the autumn of my childhood (and likely will never be again), but the creeping chill mists and cool nights retain a vestige of the old magic of youth.

When I was still on social media, I had a not-altogether-unique tradition of watching 31 scary movies during October and offering short reviews as Facebook posts. Since this is the first year I’m not on social media, but still enjoy the tradition, I intend to carry it over here beginning tomorrow. For the next 31 days, I’ll posts quick reviews of a film watched in October. The rules are simple: I must watch 31 films, although not necessarily one per day, and they must be films I’ve never seen before. And they must of course be a technically in the horror genre.

I’ve a got a bunch of obscure ones lined up (thank you, Amazon Prime Video), and hope that the daily chronicling with get me used to blogging again. Maybe some other content will be sprinkled in among the reviews as well. Anything’s possible in the magical month of October.