Halloween Horror: The Devonsville Terror

devonvilleThree hundred years ago, three witches were put to death in the village of Devonsville. Now, the time has come for them to take their revenge on the descendants of those who doomed them–and us, the poor, innocent viewing audience.

The Devonsville Terror is a stinker, shot with a shoestring budget, questionable acting (oh please stop, Deanna Haas!), a bit of gratuitous nudity by the director’s wife and star of the movie, and special effects with the emphasis on “special.”

There’s really not much I can say about this one aside from giving props to Amazon Prime Video for padding out their catalogue of movies with whatever drek they can find. The Devonsville Terror isn’t going to be the last movie I watch this month shown on a 4:3 screen ratio and looking like it was transferred through a pan of dirty dishwater. See it if you’re a fan of bad movies and can endure them without wisecracking robots. Otherwise, you’re best avoiding the The Devonsville “Error.” I give it one skull out of four only because I got some inadvertent, out-loud laughs from the film.

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