Halloween Horror: Final Prayer

final.jpgOK, now we’re talking. A Vatican investigation into a potential miracle in an old church built atop a pagan holy site? Let’s get going!

Final Prayer is a found-footage movie about a trio of–as noted above–Vatican investigators summoned to a small church in the English countryside. We have Grey, the techie (who is responsible for the footage that comprises the movies) who believes “in something” if not God, Deacon, a veteran investigator who saw a little too much in South America, and Mark, the default and by-the-book leader. Grey and Deacon get off to a bad start, but soon become comrades in arms, despite Deacon and Mark’s belief the miracles are staged to benefit the small parish. However, not everything can be explained away by sub-woofers and fishing line–the local teens seem especially morally ambiguous, for example, and the parish priest is showing curious character traits.

I enjoyed Final Prayer more than I anticipated. While I’m ambivalent to the found-footage genre, the film makes it work, complete with digital glitches that might herald the presence of something about to manifest. The film is not afraid to leave questions unanswered, and viewers hoping for everything tied up in a neat bow will be disappointed unless you’re willing to assume whatever explanation you believed to be correct is the right one. I’m giving Final Prayer thee skulls out of four for entertainment and RPG game-adaptability.

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