Halloween Horror: Disciple of Death

discipleAnd I though The Devonsville Terror was bad. Disciple of Death is another 4:3 aspect movie that has clearly been moldering in someone’s footlocker since 1972. The film transfer has lines running down the screen for the entire run time, and the sound is muddy. But let’s get to the movie, shall we.

Disciple of Death is the tale of a Satanic sorcerer brought back to life by the virginal blood of Julia, who accidentally spills some on the grave of the aforementioned wizard. He manifests in the form of Mike Raven, a self-proclaimed occultist, radio DJ, and would-be actor who probably should have stayed behind the microphone. Shenanigans ensue as Raven tries to make Julia his Satanic bride to earn him a reprieve from Hell. Julia’s fiance isn’t too keen on this idea and partners up with the local parson to take down the resurrected Satanist. Standing between them and victory is a summoned earth spirit in the guise of a little person actor dressed like a pilgrim. Luckily, they have help from an undead Kabbalist who equips them with a trio of magical items.

Disciple of Death is only recommended to those with a love of cheesy movies and able to stand an entire movie plagued with film stock problems. Even the parson vs. little person fight isn’t worth the price of admission, and I watched it for free. I give it a half of a skull out of four.

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