My Summer in Rohan

IMG_0373 (Edited)Like an unfortunate number of people, I’m currently furloughed from work, unable to return to a grant project I started a month before the pandemic shut down New York. Given that the work is being done at a local university, it is probable—given from what the state and the university have stated—that I might not be back to work until late August or September when the fall semester begins. So, for the first time since college and probably for the last time until retirement, I have “summer vacation.”

As a miniature wargamer, I have shelves of unpainted models that need attention. I’ve been working away at the pile of shame for the last two months and I’ve made progress, but there’s still a lot of miniatures—mainly from Game Workshop’s line of Middle-earth figures—that require painting. I’ve decided then to spend the summer of 2020 working my way through one of my favorite regions of Middle-earth: Rohan and the surrounding environs. I have ambitions of one day reenacting the War in Rohan on my tabletop, and that’ll require a LOT of models to accomplish.

Last night, I pulled some things off the shelves, grabbed a few reference books, and got stuck in. In the weeks ahead, I’ll show off my progress as Rohan transforms from a sea of gray plastic and unpainted lead into the proud army of the Rohirrim and the foul minions of the treacherous Saruman.

Wish me luck: there’s a lot of horses in my future!