Hail (Mother) Hydra!

I recently added a copy of Before the Fall, the 1998 Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement that contains four scenarios which take place prior to the 1927-1928 raid of Innsmouth (as described in Lovecraft’s original story and the CoC supplement Escape from Innsmouth). While I’m trimming my RPG collection, I occasionally indulge myself. I’m also in the middle of Shadows Over Innsmouth, an anthology of Innsmouth-related short stories published, so that Deep One-infested ruined town in at the forefront of my brain.

Paging through Before the Fall, I came across the following: “Watch for Children of the Deep, due out in 1999, which will portray Innsmouth after the federal government raid of 1928.” This was the first I heard of this planned supplement that never came to fruition. It’s not the sole Call of Cthulhu release to be announced then die on the vine, but it’s perhaps the one that would have interested me the most.

I’ve been familiarizing myself with Trail of Cthulhu as a possible interlude campaign to run in the second half of this year. I’ve only run it briefly before, but GUMSHOE is one of those systems that intrigues me and I’d like to become more adept at it. To that end, I bought Arkham Detective Tales, thinking that by running a few canned adventures, I could pick up the nuances of the GUMSHOE system. One of the the adventures in that book is “The Wreck,” which concerns an abandoned freighter drifting into New York harbor and what it brings with it. The adventure has ties to Innsmouth and ends with a confrontation on East Fire Island, a place not too far from my where I’m currently writing this.

“The Wreck” is set after the raid and hints at some of what occurs in Innsmouth in the years following the federal governments discovery of Deep One infestation. It’s a topic I’d like to build upon more. I even have an idea or two about where the Deep One hybrids that escape arrest in the raid might end up (hint: It starts with a “Long” and ends with an “Island”).

Right now, it’s one of many ideas cluttering up my mental stove top, bubbling away on my all-too-numerous back burners. But if I run Trail of Cthulhu later this year, I’m going to do so with an eye toward leading to other investigations beyond those presented in the book. One can already be tied into a trip to my own Wildwyck County (weird Catskills region historical horror setting I created for Fight On! magazine oh too many years ago). The other could be a follow-up that leads out to Long Island’s East End and perhaps a certain remote island that’s been in private hands since the colonial days.

I wonder if there’s an ashcan copy of The Children of the Deep lurking out there in the depths of the internet…